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Adam Paul
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Vishal kapur
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Murphy George
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Janet Scaldings
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Jeff Norman
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Greg Federer
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Brett Wulf
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Paul Milam
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Brooke Plouffe
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Bob Warthman
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About Us

Pressu Australia

Pressu Australia is a world leader platform for the distribution of free press releases. We are present in more than 20 countries and we are the novelty that distinguishes in recent years.


At Pressu Australia we are interested in the quality of press releases, journalists and publishers are not interested in press junk (Press Release Spam), ie the manipulation of news to advertise products or services; this is the reason why Pressu Australia does not accept a compromise like it. Press releases are made for the diffusion of important news and editors are not interested in things like `buy our fantastic software ` but in `X is the software distributed by this company and these are the qualities`.

Our goal

Our goal is to help you to communicate events and news that have publishing relevance, by this, so many important names of global communication, take and distribute our press releases. We distribute all notices from all our partners, does not matter if you are a new or small company with less money or one with a multi-millionaire business.


Why you should to propose a promotional press release? Journalists and editors visit sites like ours to find fresh news; a press promotion will help you to aid journalists and editors to find all the news in one place rather than going to search the entire web to find the right brand to speak of. Our press releases will allow you to highlight your news by adding the logo of your company or your business card to the news in question. In doing so, journalists can download your brand instead of searching all over the web. Time is money and the editors and journalists are always in a hurry, for that, with our service you both will help each other.

Your news, your success

How did our press to be taken up so much and to be so famous? 99% of the press releases are chosen directly on our site by the media. Pressu Australia invites the editors of TOP 500 Fortune companies and other known press offices that visit our sites to fill the available spaces. If you`re on Pressu Australia, you are on everyone`s mouth.

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